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7 Tips for Making Your First Ecommerce Sale

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7 Tips for Making Your First Ecommerce Sale

If you’re just starting with your eCommerce business, you may be wondering how to get more customers to buy from you. If so, here are seven tips to help you make your first sale.

  1. Fundamentals in ecommerce

 Start with a well-thought-out product concept. A lot of ideas probably sound good when you think about them, but once you start putting together the essential pieces like how much your product costs to make and where it will be sourced from, it becomes difficult.

It’s not always easy for everyone to take idea ideation to production without getting lost along the way, so go ahead and plan accordingly or get help if necessary.

  1. Make sure that your product is relevant! With only 7% of worldwide online retail shoppers purchasing products found on Amazon alone, understanding what people are shopping for within their respective industries is vital for getting noticed by prospective buyers.Keep in mind the age demographic—a 13 year old girl might not be keen on buying something geared towards professionals or creators over 40 years old—as this knowledge will aid tremendously in making sure that your marketing strategy resonates with potential customers while pinpointing their needs and desires. 
  1. Create your ideal customer profile! Who are you making this product for? What can they touch or feel? Get into their shoes. Targeting niche markets is key to increasing conversion rates, so do plenty of research on what visual elements appeal to specific demographics.
  1. Pay attention to your audience

Social media is not one-size-fits-all. Create each post with the following in mind: who you are targeting, how many followers they have, and what type of content resonates best with them. Using this method increases the chances of making a sale 100%.

  1. Explore People’s Purchasing Behavior 

While there are many popular opinions about what should sell, the best way to find out is to ask your customers. The quickest and easiest way to get an idea of who you’re selling to is by looking at your web analytics reports – see how people discovered your site, which pages they visit while browsing on the site and look at their purchasing behavior.

 6) build a subscription list on your eCommerce business?

-Build an email list by installing omnisend eCommerce email marketing platform 

-Treat your customers like family and friend

-Share what you offer with everyone on social media

-Make your products stand out with the right Packaging.

7) Prioritize engagement  

When pitching products to potential customers via social media posts or direct messages, interrupt their scrolling by having an image that pops up on top of the feed. This engages your viewers more than just posting without any interruption because it forces them to stay engaged for longer periods instead of clicking out after 15 seconds or so.

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