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How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy that Works

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Email marketing strategies that workss

In this article, you will learn how to create email marketing strategies that work.

Email marketing can be utilized to optimize the customer experience in real-time, providing an opportunity for brands to strategically adjust campaigns that are producing below-average conversion rates.

Create unique emails to reward loyal customers with offers they will genuinely appreciate when it comes time for them to make another purchase. 

Offering tailor-made promotions in this way goes a long way towards building trust and retaining business over the life of your relationships with clients or subscribers.

Here are 9 tips to help you learn how to create an email marketing strategy that works.

1. Collect data about your target customer

Email marketing is a powerful tool for any company, but it’s definitely not as reliable as one might assume. 

How could this be the case? The answer lies in who you are targeting with those emails and how well they can put those messages to use for you.

2) Start outreach again 

– Though effective, cold emails are often ignored. Start your outreaches new by sending just one email at a time cold turkey on the opposite side of the spectrum from being too pushy. 

This may mean that you will need to steadily send 50 or even 100 follow-up emails for best results but it will all be worth it in the end!

3) Compete against yourself 

– Measure your numbers and if they’ve fallen, send another campaign aimed at beating them this time around.

 If there has been no change or only slight improvement, try something new down the line. 

Experimenting is half of what led Kristina Bance to her success at Leadpages where she earned her title as Senior Optimization Specialist ;).

4) Learn how to segment properly

 – Segmentation can take many forms including surfacing new and related content, presenting different offers or exclusive information. 

(such as special sales and promos), and tailoring the email’s subject line to each recipient.

5) Advertise other products/services within your emails

 – Every newsletter should include another product or service offering that complements the featured one. 

Aside from providing additional choices, this technique gives recipients a sense of value because they’re receiving something for free.

6) Offer exclusive discounts just for email subscribers 

– From time to time give those who subscribe early access to promotions. 

-using your best judgment as it can lose its effectiveness as people unsubscribe due to the lack of exclusivity once they learn about it. 

7) Send out \”thank you\” email after purchase

 – How many stores would be happy to hear back about how satisfied customers are? 

Customers appreciate being kept in the loop and giving them an opportunity to share feedback contributes greatly to customer loyalty and satisfaction with both buyer and seller relationships.”

8) Include a call-to-action at the end of every email you send

 – Ask your customers or readers what you should write about next if they want more information on anything that was mentioned in the last email, or show them how to take their relationship with your business to the next level.”

9) Have Clear Signatures on All Emails You Send 

You may have seen it before: A confusing mishmash of contact information and company logos at the very bottom of an email. 

That means you either saw spammed junk mail and deleted it without looking any further—or worse: Your message never even got past spam filters because there were so many other marketers trying to deliver messages through unfamiliar addresses and unprofessional fonts.”


If you want email marketing automation without you writing a single word there is the best tool in the market that automates your emails in the background and you can build your list and customer base faster has it tricks the customer needs and drive good conversation if you were interested. 

 Sign up for a free trial with Ubico email automation software to see if you can handle managing your own inbound marketing. 

If it doesn’t seem worth the hassle, there are companies that offer in-house email marketing. 

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