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Freshdesk Messaging Review: Details, Features, Pros & Cons

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Freshdesk Messaging Review: Is It the Right Chatbot Solution? Features, Pros & Cons

With so many chatbot solutions on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the best for your business. It seems like every day a new chatbot solution pops up on the market. How do you know which one is the best for your business? If you are reading this Freshdesk Messaging review(formerly Freshchat) then you’re looking for a chatbot solution. But you’re not sure if Freshdesk is the best option. 

Freshdesk Messaging is one of the best chatbot solutions available. It has many features, including the ability to send automated messages, create custom triggers, and track customer behavior.

But It has some drawbacks also. Freshdesk does not allow for multiple chat windows, which is a big disadvantage. The chat feature shows on top of your website and can obscure content. It is also very distracting for users that are browsing on smaller devices like mobile phones. There is not a lot of information provided to help you customize the chat window. There is also no phone support and it can be difficult to get your money back if you decide not to continue using Freshdesk.

In this Freshdesk Messaging review, we’ll compare the features, pros, and cons of Freshdesk (Formely Freshchat) against some of its top competitors. We’ll help you decide if Freshdesk is the best chatbot solution for your business.

What is Freshdesk Messaging?

Freshdesk messaging allows you to have live chat on your website, increasing conversions by helping your customers in real-time. If you are asking yourself if this tool can help you boost leads and sales, just keep reading! We will answer all the questions about what Freshdesk does for you or why it’s better than other tools.

It’s the first time you have heard about Freshdesk? No worries, this article shall provide information on what Freshdesk is, how it works (internally), and why to use it.

Freshdesk is a customizable chat solution offering multiple integrations with third-party applications like external customer support programs or helpdesks.

It’s built on top of Meteor, the well-loved open-source platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript. With Freshdesk you get a ready-to-use chat solution that is highly customizable via plugins. The provided functionality can be extended by writing your own plugin! 

What are the benefits of using custom chat solutions like Freshdesk messaging? Some advantages of custom chat solutions, as opposed to ready-made ones, are: 

  • A unique look and feel that matches your company’s branding or vision. 
  • It comes with enhanced security, speed, and uptime. You don’t have to rely on third-party companies to provide support without knowing what kind of support is need 
  • You can focus only on the content that matters for your business. 
  • The chatbot will get superior support and feature updates.

Major Features of Freshdesk Messaging

Freshdesk messaging is a web-based live chat service that allows businesses to chat directly with customers. In this Freshdesk review, we listed some of the major features below.

The chat widget allows a person to contact the business directly from their website

The chat widget has gained popularity because of its ease of use and integration into any existing website or blog. In addition, it offers businesses a more visible way to communicate with customers as opposed to email.

Multiple teams in a business can use at a time

Businesses can have multiple teams for writing responses to customer questions and comments, writing posts or articles on social media, etc. The more customers a business – the more need there is for teams within that company. For example, a large law firm would have different divisions with different attorneys handling cases. Multiple teams can use Freshworks at the same time.

Freshdesk assign priority levels to incoming messages

Freshdesk offers businesses the option of assigning priority levels to incoming messages. Thus, it ensures that critical questions are answered first. For example, a customer is using the chat widget on their website after hours or on a weekend. Then that message can be routed to someone who will be available at the appropriate time.

You can set office hours

The “office hours” setting can help prioritize the routing of incoming messages and make sure they are answered by the appropriate people. For example, if it is past normal working hours (9 am to 5 pm). Then incoming messages that pertain only to those office hours could be routed to a person who is not working at the current time.

Messages are integrated with an email inbox

If a customer leaves a message using their email address that message would go into the Freshdesk email inbox. Therefore, it is easily accessible by any team member for response or routing. This is useful if a business wants to prioritize messages coming from certain sources (such as an email address or phone number). 

User dashboard

Each user within Freshdesk has their own individual account where they can access various tools, reporting information, and bot-related settings. This includes links for sending a message to a business owner directly from the dashboard as well as accessing reports and responding to messages.

Reporting tools to improve customer-business relations

Freshdesk provides access to various reporting tools that help businesses better understand their interactions with customers. Also, you can determine which teams/bot responses are performing the best. This helps them communicate with customers more efficiently. You can see which actions will work best for other customers and determine what type of interaction will benefit them the most based on their needs and growth objectives.

Integrates perfectly with WordPress

Freshdesk integrates seamlessly into WordPress. Thus, you can use all its features and advantages while your website is online and running. If there’s a chat on your website, then visitors won’t leave! It will keep them entertained and interested in your business or website. They will be able to ask questions, make comments and help other visitors find the answers they are looking for. All these things result in increased sales!


Your chat should not limit your users but enable them to have a pleasant experience no matter what device they are using at the moment. Being mobile-friendly is a must nowadays. Luckily, Freshworks can be used from smartphones and tablets. Because it enables the pinch-zoom function to enlarge text input areas, etc.

Users can highlight important things

Being able to mark important things can be a great advantage for your chat. Whether you have a customer care department or just want to provide good customer service, this feature will be really helpful. It helps to emphasize important things and underline them. Hence, people can find out more about them or even ask questions if needed.

Users can post images

This is an ability not many chat systems offer at the moment! Being able to upload pictures and use them during conversations and chats in the chat system. Whether it is to mark something, ask a question or even show appreciation for great service – it’s all possible with this feature!

Customizable chatbots for specific needs

The Freshdesk platform has a vast library of pre-built bots that can help businesses answer frequently asked questions or resolve common problems. However, those options may not match each business’ specific needs. 

Custom bots allow businesses to build a completely custom bot that can be as simple or complex as they need. For example, an e-commerce store may want a bot to answer questions about delivery timeframes. Also, Freshdesk provides order status updates while a contractor may instead opt for a bot that will read-off and respond with the appropriate contact information.

AI-based Freddy Answer Bot

This is a pre-built bot that can answer customer questions and/or direct them to the appropriate team member for further assistance. It works by asking the customer a simple question such as, “How may I help you?” and depending on how they respond, it will send them to the appropriate team member. This is useful if a business does not have any existing chatbots or would like to use one as an initial introduction to their new online chat software solution.

Freshdesk Messaging Pros

  • If you would like, you can integrate Freshworks with Google Analytics so chats show up in your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • If you are new to chat support, Freshworks has an informative help section with articles on how to get started.
  • It’s possible for your customers to see if anyone is available at the moment before they send a chat, thanks to the ‘Chat widget’ feature.
  • You can customize bots to handle responses for certain customers.
  • Customize your chatbox and the way it looks by choosing a theme, adding a logo, and uploading a custom background photo.
  • You can export chat transcripts as CSV.
  • Your support team has an inbox that they can use to keep track of what chats they currently have open.
  • It’s possible to monitor several chat inboxes with different teams and switch between them.
  • One of the main features of Freshdesk is that it provides an easy way for you to connect & communicate with your customers through live chat.
  • There are also customer reports available with useful information such as browser type, location, referral source, etc.
  • Freshdesk is easy to use and supports many languages so it can help companies with wide geographic reach.

Freshdesk Messaging Cons

No chat solution is perfect at the moment. Freshworks provides great tools to help you with your business, but it also has some weaknesses. Let’s make an overview of Freshdesk disadvantages to get a better idea of what this tool is capable of in order to see if it will work for you or not!

However, there is a high risk of potentially losing all flexibility within your tech stack when integrating this tool into your business. There are also limited integrations with third-party products, bugs within the chatbot service itself, and there have been ongoing issues communicated by clients who utilize Freshdesk(Freshchat).

Major Cons of Freshdesk Messaging

There are limited integrations that can be made with the chatbot provided by Freshdesk. The only integrations that can be made directly to your website are with Google Analytics and a form builder.

One of the biggest complaints that companies have is that there are many bugs within the chatbot service itself, which leads to false messages being sent out from the chatbot to customers. These bugs include:

  • Forcing users to answer one question before they can ask a follow-up question
  • Not sending messages after answering questions that were asked by the customer

There have been ongoing issues with the chatbot not communicating with email addresses registered to specific websites, which causes customers to get caught in automated emails because of their Facebook Messenger ID. This issue has yet to be resolved.

Another problem clients face is that when they contact Freshdesk about the issues, there is no way to solve these problems on their end. It puts all of the work back onto the clients who are trying their best to make this tool work for their business.

Freshdesk currently doesn’t offer: Online Chat Support Phone Call Support Email Support International Number Support Multi-language support Paid subscriptions Only one platform Mobile apps Native Desktop Apps Custom integration with 3rd party services API Integration Onboarding assistance.

In Freshdesk Messaging what is included & what is not

Important elements in chatbotMissing elements in chatbot
Users can upload imagesThere is no option to measure delay time in messages
Emojis are available while chatting2. You can’t use video and audio files while chatting
Some presets of quick replies are available3. Menu bar is not available consistently
Users must do email validation4. Location sharing is not possible

Is Freshdesk Messaging Right for Your Business?

  1. Small business owners who haven’t yet invested in live web chat support but would like to start one without a huge investment.
  2. Business owners who would like to have live chat support but are unable to provide it due to low budgets or lack of resources.
  3. Businesses that are already well established with their own customer service teams, but need an additional tool for boosting customer satisfaction, better monitoring chats, and tracking the way people communicate with them.
  4. Large corporations looking for a web chat service to support their chat team and provide quality customer service.

Final Words

All in all, Freshdesk is a powerful chatbot solution that’s worth considering if you’re looking for ways to improve your customer communication. The features it offers are comprehensive and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. It also integrates well with other marketing tools, making it an attractive option for businesses that want to get the most out of their chatbot investment. There are some areas where Freshdesk could improve (such as its reporting capabilities). But overall it’s a strong choice for businesses looking for a chatbot solution. 

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